Match Game Archives

These are the archives of every episode of Match Game hosted on HKC Radio, from 2021 onward. Download them and laugh your blanking head off!

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2021 Nick Giannak III and friends
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Match Game 2022, the Final Match Ups: July 23, 2022

With the champions of blocks A and B now crowned, an extended panel plays a best of three series between both of our block winners to determine who walked away with their tech prize of choice. Match Game is usually energetic, but the celebration of our rebirth had host, panelist, and contestants acting as though they were shot out of a cannon. Download one of the most incredible episodes of Match Game ever conducted on radio! We promise you won’t regret it.

Match Game 2022, B-Block Match Ups: July 16, 2022

Like A-Block last week, B-Block’s miniature tournament had new contestants and a mostly new panel! Cullen Gallagher faced Melissa Rowe in Match 1, while Kaitlyn Epperson faced Jenny Suchan in Match 2. The winners would face each other in the B-Block final. Who would walk away the champion…and what controversy was generated by host incompetents? Download to find out!

Match Game 2022, A-Block Match Ups: July 9, 2022

It’s the first week of our new tournament format, composed of two miniature tournaments (blocks) inside the main one. This week, it’s the A-Block! Jason Castonguay faced Riikka Kannisto, and Brice Mull faced Grace King, with the winners of these matches facing each other to determine the A-Block champion. Who would win it, punching their ticket to the final on July 23? Download to find out!

Match Game 2021

Yes, this one file is Match Game for 2021. With the reality of the world as it is, we chose to hold the entire, eight person Match Game tournament over one day. In order of appearance, Kaitlyn Epperson, Derek Lane, Grace King, Ashley Breger, candice Attrill, Steven Cantos, tyson Sylvester and Jayson Smith all played over three and a half hours to determine who would walk away with the prize of their choice. It’s everything you expected, and a few things you didn’t, including some technical and intellectual problems from the host. This archive is presented largely as is, but with edits to eliminate redundancy caused by tech issues and to ensure a normal volume…the stream itself did not have this at all times. Thanks to Derek Lane for his help with this. All things being equal, it’s an event the like you will never see again…So much Match Game in one day! Download this piece of history!





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