The Weakest Link

An infamous quiz show comes to HKC Radio in all its bitchy glory. A team of eight will answer general knowledge questions so that one may win their choice among five great prizes. Of course, it can’t be that easy…they’re playing against the clock, a cantankerous presenter in the person of Mariah Long (Mariah-Anne), and the inescapable fact that their team shrinks, player by player. Saturday July 22 at 2 PM EDT, it’s The Weakest Link! We thank everyone for signing up to play and wish the eventual contestants good luck, as they're going to need it.

Basic Gameplay

Eight contestants will be selected to form a team that will meet on HKC Radio’s TeamTalk server. The objective of every round is to create a chain of eight correct answers in a row and score an increasing amount of points within a time limit. One wrong answer breaks the chain, discarding any points accrued within that particular chain. However, while their question is asked but not afterward, a contestant can choose to bank the current points earned in any chain to make it safe, after which the chain starts afresh. A contestant’s decision not to bank, in anticipation of being able to correctly answer the upcoming question allows the point value to grow, as each successive correct answer earns proportionally more points. When the allotted time for every round ends, any points which are not banked are lost, and if the host is in the middle of asking a question, or has asked a question but the contestant has yet to answer, the question is abandoned.

The team will be earning points toward a particular threshold calculated before the game. Crossing this threshold will allow the last remaining contestant on the team to win their chosen prize. If the threshold is not crossed, a substitute, lower value prize will be awarded to the last contestant instead.

While contestants ostensibly work together within the rounds, answering questions in order to cross the point threshold and, subsequently, win their chosen prize, at the end of each round, things are quite different. The team must vote off one of their own in order for the game to proceed. The game long implications are quite staggering, given the presence of the threshold. Choose correctly, perform well, and you win. Choose wrongly and cost your team…and yourself. Plus, Mariah-Anne isn’t going to make it easy for you, turning up the pressure, round by round.

Don’t understand?

This promo should help you. several clips are chosen to composite a round of Weakest Link gameplay on HKC Radio. Production by Tammy Schulte.

When is the game and when are contestants required??

The game will air on July 22 as part of the festivities celebrating the second anniversary of our rebirth. The game begins for listeners at 2 PM Eastern Daylight Time, but all contestants are required to report to TeamTalk at 1 PM for an explanation of procedures and rules, as well as a sound check. Any contestant that does not report will forfeit and be replaced.

What prizes are available?

Sonos Roam Portable Waterproof Smart Speaker
If you've ever heard Sonos before, you know how good this is. Even if you haven't, it's a battery powered WiFi speaker with your choice of Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Its proprietary assistant makes it that much more flexible. sounds great for its size, too.
Zoom H1N Handy Digital Audio Recorder
Are you a filmmaker recording stereo audio for a video? Perhaps you're a podcaster doing interviews wherever you go. Maybe you just like to record family gatherings in high quality audio. The Zoom H1N does it all and sounds great, too. No wonder our most recent Weakest Link champion selected it.
Amazon Fire 7 Tablet
Need a new tablet as a gift for your partner or child, or perhaps for yourself? Pick this prize, newly updated by Amazon. Just remember to tell them what you went through to get it! (Child-specific version available upon request)
AKG K371 Studio Headphones
If you want to wear what many of our broadcasters and listeners wear, pick these up. They are a great all-round headphone that most people can enjoy. Its ability to render accurately contributes greatly to several HKC Radio shows and productions. What more can we say?
Apple AirPods, third generation
For convenience, they are the standard everyone else measures against. They connect seamlessly to the devices you own, have the best quality microphones available on a Bluetooth headset, and, for Apple devices in particular, unleash several new tricks not available anywhere else. They sound good, too.




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