Once more unto the breach, dear friends

An ethos was not born on September 28, 2002. Its embryo goes back to 1993, with a camp counselor named Bob Sarnowski performing faux radio shows in a field at a university for a summer camp named Helen Keller Camp (HKC). The fields and buildings were where he met Nick Giannak in 1995, his sister asking Bob to give her piano lessons in 1999, visiting the house each week. The friendship grew, surviving a shakeup at the camp which ultimately cost Bob his job in 2001 until finally, in 2002, Nick had the bright idea to put their old radio ideas on air in a new show, The Digital Domain Online Radio Show, whose start date was September 28. He listened and learned, then expanded HKC Radio in 2006 with broadcasters spanning the globe. The culture grew from there until finally, changing times and changing people forced a merger in 2015. HKC Radio’s broadcasting and communications facilities are no more now, subsumed by The Beyond Radio Network, but this web page still remains. For now, this page only contains the archives for the HKC Radio broadcasts of the Digital Domain Online Radio Show. Maybe, if he hears the internal call, Nick might update this page to add more historical context, as well as other archives of the various former shows, provided they can be acquired to a level of completeness to match the Digital Domain’s archives. For now, this page is your Digital Domain Nostalgia portal. We will see you for new content on TBRN in our old Friday at 7 PM Eastern slot. Thank you for tuning in.