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We’re sorry, but we were unable to get our proper, nice looking, uber-awesome schedule page working. The first draft was deployed some weeks ago, but it had some timing problems that made no show actually show its proper time. Too bad, because it does look nice. Someone with far more vision and coding skill than us is helping us build our 21st century schedule page. For now, we have the replacement page, and we guarantee that as bad as this looks, it isn’t as bad as the NFL replacement officials were back in 2012. Keep checking bac, as it’s a race against time and we’ve hit a manner of weeks now…What will happen first? A new schedule page, or Independence Day.

Last Updated June 6, all times are Eastern Daylight Time (GMT -4).

Sundays 1 PM-4 PM
Barb Wired with Barb
Tuesdays 4 PM-6 PM
Venison Stew IF YOU’RE LUCKY with Venison88
Wednesdays 6 PM-8 PM
The Rock Stop with Bill Dennis
Thursdays 7 PM-10 PM
All Folked Up with Barb
Fridays 4 PM-7 PM
Venison Stew IF YOU’RE LUCKY with Venison88
Fridays 7 PM-9 PM
The Digital Domain Online Radio Show with Nick and Bob
Fridays 9 PM-11 PM
The Revolving Door with Barb
Fridays 11 PM-2 AM
The One Way Roundabout with Chris/Trekwest

The following hsows are on hiatus due to issues, technical and otherwise. We hope they will be returning soon.

  • Rebel Fusion with Drew Weber
  • The Sunday Special with Drop9
  • The Mashed UP Mix with Dj Yuzi
  • Sensory Overload with Niio/LuLu
  • Matt’s Madness with Matt and friends

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