21st Century Schedule Page

The following is our proper, nice looking, uber-awesome, smart, 21st Century Schedule Page. In the time since we began our count down to the new schedule page (September 28, 2012), we’ve had two station birthdays, many staff birthdays, three World Series, two Super Bowls, two Stanley Cup Finals, Two NBA Championships, and most famously, one NHL labor agreement. We here at HKC Radio believe that the new schedule was worth all of that wait and more. The schedule is now calibrated to your time zone, so it will, to coin an oft used phrase, do the math where you live.

The following shows are on hiatus due to issues, technical and otherwise. We hope they will be returning soon.

  • The Sunday Special with Drop9
  • Stone And Glass with hope
  • Sensory Overload with Niio/LuLu
  • Hope’s Hidden Gems with hope
  • The Mashed UP Mix with Dj Yuzi
  • Matt’s Madness with Matt and friends
  • Rebel Fusion with Drew Weber

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