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What is the digital domain? It is simply a 2 hour uncensored comedy free-for-all where anything goes. It is lead — though not necessarily controlled – by Nick Giannak III and Bob Sarnowski, 2 strange individuals from Long Island, New York. Whether it is through a produced bit, a random conversation, or who knows what provided by you guys, their goal is to have fun, and to ensure that all of you are picking yourselves off the floor and nursing your bruised ribs.

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2021-2022 Nick Giannak III and Bob Sarnowski
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The Digital Domain Online Radio Show for July 15, 2024

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The Digital Domain Online Radio Show for July 8, 2024

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The Digital Domain Online Radio SHow for July 1, 2024

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The Digital Domain Online Radio Show for June 24, 2024

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The Digital Domain Online Radio Show for June 17, 2024

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The Digital Domain Online Radio Show for June 10, 2024

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The Digital Domain Online Radio show for June 3, 2024

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The Digital Domain Online Radio Show for May 27, 2024

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The Digital Domain Online Radio Show for May 20, 2024

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The Digital Domain Online Radio Show for May 13, 2024

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The Digital Domain online Radio Show for May 6, 2024

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The Digital Domain Online Radio Show for April 29, 2024

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The Digital Domain online Radio Show for April 22, 2024

This episode, simply by virtue of airing at all, is an ode to the listeners who have made this show an absolute pleasure to do since September…It’s playoff time for the New York Islanders and Nick and Bob, but Bob especially, is showing his love for everyone by doing this show rather than watching. The love is sent right back almost from the open as the first bed used on air…is custom. Mariam Mohsen’s hard rocking instrumental is now the new, Digital Domain exclusive piece of music that Nick and Bob will talk over after every intro. Jayson Smith sent in one of the more surreal AI things we’ve ever heard – it’s impossible to describe here, so you’ll have to hear it in the archive. We also learn just how close in proximity Jayson and John Moore are to each other…and yet, they’ve never met? 4-20 was, of course, two days ago…And Bob didn’t have an adventure, which means you get to pay for that fact by proxy…and what stupid song is the vehicle by which you pay for it? Find out, and don’t miss a nice technical feat in the process. Tributes to Bob’s favorites are the order of the day…To Dickey Betts, who we lost Thursday, and to John Sterling, who unexpectedly retired from broadcasting Yankee games. Sterling’s tribute allowed us to play a very long piece of HKC Radio history. Last, but definitely not least, is an AI story sent to us by John Moore that, once again, is more like Digital Domain fanfiction. John demonstrates, in no uncertain terms, just how much he understands this show. Whether you understand it or not, you’re welcome to download it and listen!

The Digital Domain online Radio Show for April 15, 2024

What is different about this year’s 4-20? That’s the geeky question that offers several guesses from listeners…Who got it right? With John Moore’s discovery of the Eleven Labs voice known as “Cowboy Bob,” Jayson Smith decided to get in on the action by submitting two stories themed around the sound of that voice…as well as making it speak nonsense. What did Emily name the porcupine…and why does Chip love it? Moreover, how exactly does that relate to a moment of gameshow infamy? Derek submitted the audio from the Lynyrd Skynyrd/ZZ Top concert he attended, giving sound to the mismatch he discussed on Friday. The discussion this triggered about the emphasis on bass at concerts was hardy and crossed many viewpoints. You can decide where you stand on all the issues. In another bit of cleanup from Friday, Nick and Bob tell the full story of how Nick broke – and then fixed – Bob’s Audient Evo 4 setup. The story is a familiar one to long-time listeners, but no less funny given Bob’s chosen ineptitude with computers. To redeem himself, Bob shows off a performance of a Maren Morris song featuring himself on keyboards from Homestead. Alex demonstrates the results given from a new AI song splitting algorithm, designed to separate crowd noise from music. Did Nick have funny stories from watching the Masters with his dad? Download to find out…and to enjoy this fast-paced show full of good things.

Random Friday Radio: Testing fixes to broken systems: April 12, 2024

Random radio can be fun, sometimes. Ironically, at 7 PM on a Friday, Nick and Bob had to test to ensure that Nick had fixed the issues he had caused with Bob's Evo setup—a story they promised to tell on Monday. Without any specific plan, they often end up exploring various tangents, specifically sports team rap anthems, ranging from the truly terrible to the well-executed. Derek discusses a concert audio mismatch from a Lynyrd Skynyrd/ZZ Top concert he attended, the audio of which would be played the following Monday. Bob recorded long-form audio from an Islanders/Rangers game he attended with Ray, which is presented herein. This is something that no longer happens on the main Digital Domain shows, but the smaller crowd of listeners made it make sense. Finally, Nick and Bob attempt to call Bob’s friend Ally to wish her a happy birthday. It’s a relaxed and fun bit of radio. Download it!

The Digital Domain Online Radio Show for April 8, 2024

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The Digital Domain Online Radio Show for April 1, 2024

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The Digital Domain Online Radio Show for March 25, 2024

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The Digital Domain Online Radio Show for March 18, 2024

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The Digital Domain Online Radio Show for March 11, 2024

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The Digital Domain Online Radio Show for March 4, 2024

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The Digital Domain Online Radio Show for February 26, 2024

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The Digital Domain online Radio Show for February 19, 2024

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The Digital Domain Online Radio Show for February 12, 2024

How do you start the first show after Super Bowl Sunday? …By taking a call from Ray, who is thoroughly owning the fact that Monday Night Football is much more important to him than our show…And now that it’s gone, he’ll be back more. The Football-adjacent talk continues as Nick and Bob spent yesterday at Homestead watching the Super Bowl at the bar. They have audio from that, including Nick’s first major test of Audigo…which needs work around the edges but sounds great. We also have some audio from Bob’s hangout with some friends he hasn’t seen in a while. Nick acts like a jackass and thoroughly owns it while being very gratuitous, Katie shows off clips of a jam she’s buzzing about, Alex debuts an amusing mashup he made, and we have audio of one of the worst possible Blues jams ever, thanks to a really bad drummer. Finally, we relive one of Bob's most amusing phone calls, 3 years ago today - from when he had Covid. This show was a great way to blow off steam that almost didn’t happen…Download it to find out why!

The Digital Domain Online Radio Show for February 5, 2024

For the first time in a long time, the Digital Domain has a new intro – whole cloth. How did one listener publicly react to it? You’ll find out. That same listener has a musical friend whose song has been teased for the past few weeks…it was finally played tonight. How’d that go down? You’ll find out. Bob gets to do something he’s wanted to do for years…play, and react to, a brand-new song from Billy Joel. Everyone knows what Nick thinks…What about everyone else? Speaking of what Nick thinks, the previous week’s show inspired Bob to play a slightly odd game of ‘What would you rather do?” with Nick and the listeners. However, the show turned from silly to serious when Gianluca asked a question of Nick that triggered a deep discussion about the value of sight…the tone for the rest of the show, including many of the things mentioned above, was set by that discussion. If you want a more serious, less typical dose of Nick and Bob, this is where you find it.

The Digital Domain Online Radio Show for January 29, 2024

After ‘That Friday Show,’ Bob wants to dive a little deeper into some of the subjects discussed, particularly Nick’s hatred of Taylor Swift and the Swifties. How far does it go? Bob finds out. John Moore has some audio of himself at the end of roller coaster rides…But the story about that is something you can’t make up, as well as its link to a classic HKC Radio bit. For the first time in a long time, an AI generated story of the Alternate Universe Homestead. How exactly did ‘Me, Myself, and Chip’ make Nick combust in the middle? Finally, the bulk of the show is a tribute to this day in 2010, when a serendipitous first-time listener showed Nick that this show had appeal outside the then core audience…It’s a lesson he’s sometimes forgotten over the years, but one he remembers anew given recent events. Enjoy this episode!

That Friday Show; Nick and Bob just do radio randomly: January 26, 2024

The title implies exactly what it is…A random show. Nick and Bob just needed to do this thing because reasons, and so it’s here for posterity. Topics discussed include the “AI” generated George Carlin special, modern music production versus classic music production, the cassette as a retro revival format, Nick’s hatred of Taylor Swift/Swifty culture, and more. It was random…download it if you’re curious!

The Digital Domain Online Radio Show for January 22, 2024

How, exactly, did a small part of a church service end up on this show…the last place you’d expect? It’s not Nick’s mess-up, which might just make it more amusing. How did John Moore make Nick and Bob unexpectedly happy with audio? Well…you’ll hear it. Katie sent in some more audio, once again rendering Bob unable to speak so coherently...And Nick let him twist in the wind. Did Bob’s six degrees of separation between himself and Billy Joel get just a degree smaller? He tells the story, with some context – even from the known Billy Joel hater, Nick. Also…Did Star unplug the band? You’ll find out from the audio…We can’t describe it here; it’d give it away. The usual assortment of calls, messages, and silliness rounds the show out…It’s always a pleasure for the hosts, and we hope it’s a pleasure for you.

The Digital Domain Online Radio Show for January 15, 2024

Bob went to an Islander game…with Ray. There’s some audio of this that Derek decides to mess with in a very strange way…It definitely made everyone combust in the process, because it’s the Digital Domain and what else do you expect? It’s a week after Nick interviewed Marcela Bovio and Bob does a very complementary on-air postmortem. We play a game called “guess how old?” Bob curated several clips of people speaking…the listeners, naturally, guessed how old they were. All that plus phone calls and messages from the listeners…it’s a lot of fun on a Monday Night, as has become, happily the norm. Download it!

The Digital Domain Online Radio Show for January 8, 2024

It’s the first…well…normal is not the right word for this show under any circumstances, but it’s the first show that is not part of some occasion in quite a while. A returning listener is doing her bit – and getting the other women involved in the same bit for this week. How’s Nick feeling in advance of interviewing Marcela Bovio tomorrow? He’ll tell you…And Chip’s got some questions Nick will not be asking. What exactly did Jayson do to bird sounds? What are some unpleasant – or perhaps downright hilarious – things cats have done to the listeners…and one show host? Katie has sent a performance in that absolutely captivates Bob…and makes him jump the shark at the same time? You be the judge. Also, what are some things Bob just doesn’t get? All of this doesn’t do the show justice, but it’s the best description you’re going to get…It was full of laughter and weirdness. Download it!

The Digital Domain Online Radio Show for January 1, 2024

Happy New Year from Nick, Bob, and the live listeners! Given the format and date of this show, this is essentially the cleanup for 2023. How did Nick and Bob spend their weeks? Both of them have audio, especially given that Nick had a Wednesday that he defined as stupid…What was he doing and where did he end up? And furthermore, was it stupid or ironic? You be the judge. Ray was involved, which meant lots of calls and some arguing back and forth…Ray’s stirring of the pot is a topic of conversation for good reason. Bob found himself playing music in front of some chanting…TikTok girls…and very hammered dudes? The audio speaks for itself. Bob spent his New Year’s Eve doing something on his bucket list…What was it? And furthermore, what exactly did Bob not do as a byproduct? During the show, Nick’s Michigan Wolverines were playing the Alabama Crimson Tide, and Nick was watching…But how exactly did that relate to breasts and Rodney Carrington? You’re going to have to download this show to find out…And to simply enjoy. This show was the second time that the Digital Domain broadcast on New Year’s Day, and Nick and Bob believe that it doesn’t have Sequel Syndrome.

The Digital Domain Year End Spectacular: December 18, 2023

Goodbye, 2023! But before that, Merry Christmas! …And that’s the Digital Domain in a nutshell, for this week, an absolute blowout to end a very complicated year that turned spectacular in radio. The story of that year is told on the 16th annual Digital Domain Montage. We take many messages and phone calls, playing clips from Christmas shows from long ago at the request of the listeners – both new and old. While Chip is telling his version of The Night Before Christmas, Bob has a mishap that triggered twelve minutes of Christmas music as Nick and Bob frantically work to get the Thomas J. Sarnowski Studio back up and running. Meanwhile, Nick has another mishap as he prepares to make a major announcement for him and Christel on Sonic Onslaught, an interview with Marcela Bovio to take place on January 9. And that’s the theme of this show and the year…Things go wrong, but they get fixed, and so much fun is had by so many. Nick and Bob were both awestruck at how this show turned out and are thrilled to present you with your copy.

The Digital Domain Online Radio Show for December 11, 2023

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The Digital Domain Online Radio Show for December 4, 2023

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The Digital Domain Online Radio Show for November 27, 2023

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The Digital Domain Black Friday Show: November 24, 2023

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The Digital Domain Online Radio Show for November 20, 2023

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The Digital Domain Online Radio Show for November 13, 2023

This episode is all about Hamburgers…and mixers. Long-time listeners might think Nick hijacked the show to discuss his favorite topics, but that's not the case. After Jayson’s attempt at having Chat GPT write a sarcastic story about a boy trying to eat an assembly line, Nick announced Sonic Onslaught’s upcoming interview with Dianne van Giersbergen, the former Xandria vocalist turned solo artist. The excitement for next week's HKC Radio programming was palpable, with the interview, Black Friday, and Bob's birthday show on the agenda. Chip Chipperson, however, may have some suggestions for nick…But one wonders if he knows who Dianne is? And then…all hell broke loose! The second hour – as well as overtime – was dominated by one subject. Nick found a training video about the Yamaha DM7 digital mixer, noted for the narrator's unique delivery. A few listeners had various comments about said delivery and tried to figure out what it sounded like, but when Katie described the voice as “sultry”, everything changed. That launched something that hasn’t been seen on the Digital Domain since 2019. The show turned into what Bob terms a “comedy pyramid” and Nick calls a “runaway bit,” as listeners, especially the women, sent in double entendres for nearly an hour, broken up only by calls from Ray. At times, Nick and Bob had to bring the show to a halt simply because they were laughing too hard. For that reason alone, this episode may be considered an instant classic and thus, is worth your download.

The Digital Domain Online Radio show for November 6, 2023

No description available.

The Digital Domain Online Radio Show for October 30, 2023

No description available.

The Digital Domain Online Radio Show for October 23, 2023

October 23 is a significant day in the history of the Digital Domain. In 2009, Nick and Bob did one of the shows they are most proud of…3 hours after the passing of Bob’s Dad. We dive deep into the psyches of both hosts, as well as listeners who were there. What was his father’s name? Thomas J. Sarnowski, and it’s the first time Bob’s done a show on this date from the studio that bears that name. In 2015, financial issues and a community torn apart ended the original era of HKC Radio. Now, 7 years later, HKC Radio is reborn and strong, and Nick and Bob are grateful in their retrospection. These two tributes buttress an episode of the Digital Domain that was otherwise full of silliness. Bob's recent blues odyssey to Maine was chock full of adventures. What exactly did he get up to with the lovely ladies of the Blues Society of Maine? Let's just say a fun time was had by all. And in true Bob fashion, he somehow managed to sniff out the only New York Islanders fan in the entire state during his travels. But how? You'll have to download to find out. Bob also brings us an exclusive "interview" with Yoshi the dog, who definitely barked back insightful responses during their one-sided chat. It was…something. So rest assured, Bob gave the Pine Tree State his best on this most recent jaunt. Finally, Jayson Smith decided to give the best introduction possible to the newest tool from Eleven Labs. What exactly did he do to a recent episode of the Digital Domain that left hosts and listeners utterly howling? And why did one listener laugh significantly harder than the rest? Download and find out! All of this plus the usual assortment of calls and messages. But more than anything else, the takeaway from this show is a loyal listener base who appreciates the lives they’re brought into by the hosts. For that and everything else, we thank you…Here is your download of this special night.

The Digital Domain Online Radio Show for October 9, 2023

Buckle up folks, Bob's conspiracy corkboard just got even more wrinkly! After doubling down on his theory connecting Taylor Swift, the NFL, and some suspect audio recordings, Bob unleashes even more eyebrow-raising audio "evidence" this week. Crying out for help and sanity, co-host Nick polls listeners to be the voice of reason. Do any respond with logic strong enough to penetrate Bob's densely wrinkled brain? Or does he continue stringing together stray threads into a tangled web of deception involving backup dancers, rigged Super Bowls, and Amish romance authors? …Or is this description going even more insane than Bob? You'll have to download to find out… Jayson Smith had Chat GPT write a silly story about a kid named Timmy and his electric toothbrush named "Mr. Brushy", voiced by Eleven Labs. The inconsistent pronunciations are amusingly bizarre. Tune in for this tale that will twist your tongue in knots! John Moore stumbles upon a wild yet skillful AI voicing of Hank Williams belting out NWA. Is it a stroke of kitschy genius or musical abomination? Judge for yourself when we spin this unexpected crossover hit! What in the world is Flinger? Alex explains this entity and provides a sample of its output, but does the universe have other plans? Tune in for the unexpected result that leaves Alex as speechless as he ever gets…does this obscure oddity from the past reemerge? Katie brings down the house with a viola and vocal performance recorded at a festival. Nick and Bob are utterly entranced by her captivating musical talent. Bob lets you hear a track from Kelli Baker, the lady he's gigging with next week when he'd usually be on the air. Is his hammond organ louder than he remembered it being? All this plus more antics, calls, and contributions from our combustible community. It's another in a fantastic run of shows…Download it!

The Digital Domain Online Radio Show for October 2, 2023

Bob kicks this episode off with a surprising revelation about what Orange Skittles really represent—and it's not what you'd guess. It does, however, set the tone for what’s to come. The media's buzzing with Taylor Swift's appearances at all of Travis Kelce's games, and the duo delves into her recent presence at the Jets-Chiefs Sunday Night Football showdown. Fans at the game took their enthusiasm to unparalleled heights, creating a spectacle that's hard to believe. But Bob doesn't stop there. He unveils a conspiracy theory linking Taylor Swift with the NFL. As he weaves his intricate web of thoughts, complete with audio evidence, listeners are torn between awe and bemusement, with some suggesting that Bob might want to take a break from theorizing. A trip down memory lane reminds us of July 3, 2009, when Nick, after losing a bet, channeled his inner Roy Khan, then of Kamelot. With the help of a former broadcaster named JDX on Piano, Nick belted out Taylor Swift's "Love Story". The musical journey doesn't end there. Katie introduces us to a headbanging metal number about a cat dubbed "Cute Aggression" that leaves everyone in splits. Derek, on the other hand, ventures into the world of AI, presenting an AI-composed and narrated tale about Chris, an ice cream enthusiast inspired by the real-life Chris Schulte's Ice Cream Challenge. And just when you thought things couldn't get more eclectic, Alex drops a wild mashup of Aerosmith's "Sweet Emotion" with the pop anthem "Barbie Girl." Finally, a note to those who listened. We express our gratitude for the overwhelming listener participation, both in calls and messages. Your comedic timing and insights elevated this episode, making it the standout show of the year. The duo eagerly looks forward to more such interactions in the weeks to come. If you missed it, it’s a must-have in your archive collection. Download it!

The Digital Domain Online Radio Show for September 25, 2023

This show picked up where the last left off, including a small “update?” About the situation regarding Star. Of course, this being the show that it is, there wasn’t just a simple update, oh no! Cue everyone’s favorite stream of consciousness, “Me, myself and Chip!” Nick also followed up a comment he made by massaging an amusing story out of Chat GPT, although not producing it in quite the way he wanted to. Jayson has a public service announcement that Ray found quite useful, as did others listening. Bob makes a particularly less useful public service announcement in the form of a rant aimed at musicians at jam nights…especially drummers. He also has a story about his attendance of a Duran Duran concert, plus surprisingly high-quality audio as recorded from his seat. Nick met one of the other broadcasters on HKC Radio for the first time…You’ll hear from Tammy as she recounts that story and talks about several other things surrounding her acquisition of a guide dog, which is what brought her to Long Island in the first place. Katie introduced us to a song…except she didn’t, as it has been played several times on HKC Radio before, Nick just happened to forget. As much as anything, this show was a very lively show that moved at a fast pace, while still going over time due to pure enjoyment. That was down to the listeners, whose calls and messages are the life blood of the show…and it was pumping on this night. Download the show to hear what that sounds like!

The Digital Domain Online Radio Show for September 18, 2023

This episode of the Digital Domain was exceptionally focused, with Nick and Bob telling stories of, and playing audio from, the week they had. They made a point of sticking to that topic through the bulk of the show, because the week was full but also thematic. From the Monday Night Football game that took the place of last week’s show, to a mishap that Star – yes, the singer at The Homestead – had. That is specifically interesting because it’s a scary but beautiful story of community camaraderie…That ended up with a radio bit coming to life right in front of Bob. The diversions from these topics were there, but they were relatively quick hits. Ray called long after Nick and Bob had finished talking sports. Alex produced a piece of audio that brought one of his weirder dreams to life. Bob is smoking a strain of weed with an interesting name and has access to another strain talked about in a show from years ago. Chris talks about the stunt he plans to pull on September 29. Last but not least, our newest listener – herself the leader of an open jam – submitted a song that features herself on Viola. While they didn’t set out for this, Nick and Bob knew that the topics in focus on this particular episode would be a great introduction to the Digital Domain for someone who had not listened before, and in that way as in many others, the show more than lived up to its billing. Download this show, especially if it’s your first time on this page. You’ll be glad you did!

The Digital Domain Online Radio Show for September 4, 2023

During much of the recent run of shows, you’ve heard about a singer at the Homestead jams named Star. Chip Chipperson, however, has been having a field day with the fact that her name is Star. You’ll hear that. Jayson has Chat GPT write a story with an ending that has no context whatsoever. The results are predictably hilarious, even if the ending was not predictable at all. Jayson also pointed out that Nick had a quick hit about the latest updates to the DECtalk speech synthesizer…He is excited, albeit cautiously so. A major cable TV dispute was fodder for much discussion about the merits of cable as a whole, but before it could get too serious, Little Dove shows us an example of Cannibal corpse presented in a way that Bob would find easier to digest, as well as a version of Gangster’s Paradise sung by…Frank Sinatra? Finally, Alex shows us a children’s story he had Chat GPT write, produced using all of the AI methods and audio skills he has. That, plus phone calls and messages, is the Digital Domain on Labor Day…yes, Labor Day, Labor Day.

The Digital Domain Online Radio Show for August 28, 2023

It’s time for Nick and Bob to get critical! Rolling Stone published a list of the Top 50 singers in rock. They go through the entire list and react to it, especially given the use of the word “singers” in that list. What oddball aspiration does Nick have? He tells the listeners, it surprises no one. Alex shows off more of his work with AI voices singing. …And that’s the show, it was focused especially hard on the list of singers, as it should have been. Give it a download!

The Digital Domain Online Radio Show for August 21, 2023

Bob Sarnowski is an incompetent ass…Hear exactly what he did to raise Nick’s stress levels just before the show. Nick doesn’t know until Bob tells him, on the air. Bob is still making parody song lyrics about his dearly departed cat…You will hear a particularly silly example herein. Nick has been involved in helping Bob’s family on a technical level, which inadvertently lead to an awkward experience for Bob…Nick was not on the phone when Bob thought he was and thank heaven for that! You’ll hear that story. Also, how not to order food at a Mexican restaurant. Jayson tells some stories about dreams he had, and Nick and Bob achieve something on a technical level that they heretofore believed possible only in theory. This show was not very active, owing to the fact that they weren’t sure if it was even going to happen. Still, download and enjoy!

The Digital Domain Online Radio Show for August 14, 2023

YouTube might be where the internet goes to see crazy things caught on camera. This show’s chronology is where you get to see equally crazy things caught in high quality audio, such is the recording of Bob playing a gig in the middle of very windy conditions. And yes…they came into play, as things fell over while they were playing a particularly amusing song given the circumstances. Who showed up at the Southern Rock jam over the weekend…and why is this a callback to the April 7 show? And how does this same person completely screw up Allman Brothers music? You’ll hear it right away. Also, Bob got some messages that shocked the hell out of him…and he recorded them to his Olympus, acoustically, over the speaker of an answering machine. What did Bob almost get…until it was taken away from him by one of the people he hates most? Find out! A question for the listeners…What's something that everyone likes to do, but you don’t? Ray called in to talk about his experiences attending a Fallout Boy concert. Between AI stories, a virtual haircut, and poddy training filks, the listeners submitted and reminded us of quite a few things. It was a balanced show, full of things to make you smile. Download it!

The Digital Domain Online Radio Show for August 7, 2023

We begin this description the way we began the show, by saying a big Hello to anyone who may have followed a link from an Audient press release announcing accessibility of the ID and Evo interfaces. As proud users of Evo products ourselves, we’re happy to have been involved in this development. Many other broadcasters on HKC Radio use Audient gear (Tammy, Liz, Christel, Derek). Some simply use it, some were a part of the beta team…We all love it. With that having been said, this show had one major overarching theme…your childhood perceptions of the world. What ideas about the world proved to be utterly inaccurate once seen through adult eyes, or even those of a slightly older child? This conversation was so engaging that it had very few diversions throughout the entirety of the show, owing to the sheer number of stories our listener base wanted to tell. We were also given some more clips of the new features from Eleven Labs, and we took ourselves back to Christmas time seven years ago after Nick told a story Bob never heard before. It was a nice, relaxing way to spend a Monday night…give it a listen!

The Digital Domain Online Radio Show for July 31, 2023

Cutting edge as It is, even this show can have technical hiccups. The typically seamless link between the Digital Domain Studio and the Thomas J. Sarnowski Memorial Studio faced the wrath of an uncooperative internet connection. This predicament, initially triggered by a faulty Verizon router, set the stage for a cascade of amusement as Nick's mounting frustration gradually transformed from initial annoyance to infectious amusement. The episode then takes an exciting turn as Bob recounts his recent adventure at a Billy Joel concert. After years of anticipation, Bob finally got the opportunity to attend with a friend and generously shares audio from the event. This unique experience prompts a spirited discussion about Billy Joel, exploring his life and career from multiple angles. It's fair to say that Billy Joel has a fan club on our team, with one notable exception - Nick. Adding to the humorous chaos, Nick dives into a gaming session with "Blinded Guide". In an attempt to highlight the comedic results of "Blind Bob's" failures, Nick purposefully botches his gaming performance. But in a hilarious twist, even his attempts to play badly go awry! In between the comedy and musical segments, the episode is woven with serious moments. The first is an emotional interlude where we revisit a heartwarming tribute to Nick from the HKC Radio Rebirthday party. Described as "what love sounds like", it stands as an endearing testament to friendship and camaraderie. Finally, the episode concludes with a poignant tribute to our dear friend Venison88, who left us three years ago. We pause to remember and honor him, bringing the show to a reflective close. Download this episode for a rollercoaster ride of emotions, swinging from fits of laughter to moments of somber reflection, as we navigate through tech mishaps, music, gaming, and heartfelt tributes.

The Digital Domain Online Radio Show for July 17, 2023

What celebrity made a cameo singing with Bob’s band at the Kismet Inn on Fire Island last Thursday? The listeners have that question to ponder, while the resultant answer made some of our Kickass Creatives quite jealous. It’s Anniversary Week, and the contest in question is the Weakest Link…The Digital Domain this week is the vehicle by which the random draws were revealed. Another show that would happen on the Anniversary weekend is the “Just Because Show”, and there’s a surprise for Bob that served as effective promotion for Derek’s and Robin’s insanity. The Thomas J. Sarnowski studios got a pretty substantial upgrade last week, with an eye toward increasing stability and lowering its latency even further. Nick tells the adventurous story of the day the upgrades were installed, including the emergency help needed to make things actually work. Hopefully by the time you download this, you won’t experience this problem if you own some of the gear in question. But more than that, and more than can really be explained in the description, the show was defined by the listener interaction. It was one of the largest and liveliest crowds in many years, and the noise you listeners made – on point phone calls and cogent messages – made it feel like the hosts were floating through this show. We hope you download this show to see what it sounded like…And we hope you come back, too.

The Digital Domain Online Radio Show for July 10, 2023

For the first time in the Thomas J. Sarnowski memorial studios era, this show is one of those where both Nick and Bob are chomping at the bit for distraction. When the Digital Domain is the only thing in your life that makes sense…Enough said. How was your July 4? Bob has audio of his, and Jayson has a story from his…last year. It was quite disturbing. Oh, and, “hold my beer!” You’ll find out exactly what that references in HKC Radio parlance. The show nearly ended early…Of course, one day before the computer at the Sarnowski Studios gets replaced, there were many issues, but they fixed themselves and the show continued. It continued, of course, just in time to go over the Daughtry and Halestorm cover of Journey’s “Separate Ways”. What does the station’s biggest Journey fan have to say? Finally, with Weakest Link contestant draws coming up next week, Nick and company take you inside, giving you a good idea of what it takes to bring this game to you. The show served its purpose and was enjoyable to do…You can tell because they went over time. Download it!

Origins: 30 years since Bob took a life changing job: July 6, 2023

On July 6, 1993, Bob Sarnowski took his first ever job…at Helen Keller Camp. The long-time listeners will know what those three words mean in our canon, as well as the fact that they are the origin for the domain you’ve visited now…HKC. How life changing was it? Join Bob and friends for what might be the most relaxed and informative discussion of this topic and history ever to take place in a public forum, including some drilling down of the camp experience that was never accomplished on air before. Don’t miss it when Tammy finds a modern news clip of last year’s Helen Keller Camp. While the people are all different, the news coverage is still the same…Which means you get to watch Bob cringe. A random phone call from Bob the day before turned into some truly relaxing, fun radio that we’re proud to offer for download. Enjoy!

The Digital Domain Online Radio Show for July 3, 2023

It’s blindness convention season, and Monty is on the ground at the National Federation of the Blind convention in Houston, Texas. He calls in to complain about barely working elevators and talk about other aspects of the convention world he finds himself in. Elon Musk may have made the decision that even Nick has a hard time defending, but it’s also a harbinger for where we might be heading in the social media world as wallets tighten. That discussion drew in host and listener alike. Alex has created a new synthetic vocal cover…with a twist. What do Nick and Bob think of that? Jayson has been playing with a prompt-based audio generator…is it ready for prime time? Bob tells the story of annoying decisions and their consequences, born out of his attempt to record a show from the Steve Miller Band. You’ll hear clips of the process and the final result. Finally, HKC Radio uses the Digital Domain to launch its plans for the two-year anniversary of its rebirth, the Kickass Creatives era. It was a relaxed show at the height of convention season, and it showed. Download it!

The Digital Domain online Radio Show for June 26, 2023

It’s…That Monday Show! With Bob having happy hour gigs and his desire to return to nights, and in an effort to find a time slot where more of you may listen, the Digital Domain will be attempting a move to Monday nights. And man, oh man, did this experiment start off with a bang! Bob did not hear an example of a recent Just Because show, which means we all get to hear his raw reaction to the newest thing Derek can do with Bob’s voice. The reaction really is everything. Bob has an argument with Chip and the voice in his head. We’ll let that sink in for a second. Nick has produced the second in the series of AI-generated productions about Dr. Chronos, which sent the entire attendant group down a rabbit hole of places Dr. Chronos’s timey-wimey ball could send him. That leads to the thing that Nick and Bob will take away from this show…the listeners were very much on point, with both Gemma and Tammy in particular writing in messages that utterly broke Nick and Bob within the interplay that is the hallmark of a good Digital Domain. The hosts could not have asked for better…Now they just want it kept up. Download this one to see why.

The Digital Domain Online Radio Show for june 9, 2023

No description available.

The Digital Domain online Radio Show for May 26, 2023

Ray stirs it up. How, exactly, does he do it this time? You won’t believe it if you read it here, so you’d best download it to find out. In a show done an hour early before a happy hour gig, a question for the listeners from Bob: What have you never done that everyone else has done? The answers to this really run the gauntlet of experiences…or lack thereof. The listeners asked Nick to play with Gizoogle…the results were exactly as you expected them to be, but what happens when you combine that with Eleven Labs? And Matt Campbell had Chat GPT come up with a rap about HKC Radio based on our page. It’s another crazy show with great interplay. Download!

The Digital Domain online Radio Show for May 19, 2023

A teenaged Bob had a crush on which 80s pop princess? Which listener figured it out? Inspired by the radio that happened on Monday night, Nick and Bob come out firing. Nick is also playing the rereleased version of Silver Dollar from Draconis Entertainment, mainly so Bob can make fun of the voice acting. Gianluca’s got an amusing story read by an Eleven Labs version of Nick about a cowbell, Alex has a mashup, and the interactivity and interplay between hosts and listeners was hopping. It’s one of the better, though harder to describe, shows of the year…download it!

Is it the Digital Domain or not? May 15, 2023

Canonically…is this the Domain? Is it Nick and Bob? Well, whatever it is, it was certainly influential and worth listening to…but seeing as this is only on the page because there’s nowhere else for it to go, we’re going to leave it to your imagination/archive download process to find out. Enjoy!

The Digital Domain Online Radio Show for May 12, 2023

The Digital Domain are early adopters once again. Literally weeks after it was released to the public, Bob is now talking into a processed Earthworks SR117 handheld condenser microphone. It’s part of a particularly local week for Nick and Bob, audio of which is presented herein. From behind the scenes of Nick bringing that mic to the Thomas J. Sarnowski memorial studios, to an amusing moment from the dinner afterward with Ray, to a clip of how this SR117 might sound on stage at an open mic night. On AI, Nick has finally entered the chat, producing two pieces of audio. Both were written by Bing AI…the first is a public service announcement that Nick voice himself but using Hush as an AI vocal booth, while the second is the first in a new series about a mad scientist named Dr. Chronos and his new invention, the timey-wimey ball…and it’s not your standard Chat GPT and Eleven Labs story. In listener submissions, Derek has a not-quite sequel, not-quite alternate take on King kurplunkulous from last week. What will Bob not do again? Find out. And in a heartwarming piece of audio, Derek recorded the Artimus Pyle band’s local performance of Simple Man…and something else, too. All of this plus messages, phone calls, and the usual interactive amusement…it’s all here.

The Digital Domain Online Radio Show for May 5, 2023

DJs with accompanying drummers. Bob doesn’t get it; Nick tries to explain it to some extent…but he doesn’t fully get it either. It’s “you say it, we play it” week, which means some listener generated content is even more predominant than usual. Highlights include the narrator R.C. Bray, ala Eleven Labs, reading a story called “King kurplunkulous”, ala Chat GPT. But how exactly does Derek’s girlfriend factor in? Find out. How does Jayson’s Dad sound through Eleven Labs? Has “Bob” “learned” a new skill? WE show off even more of our past, but some of our most cringe-worthy stuff is on display this time…and Nick didn’t realize how bad it was when he played it. Can synthetic voices rap? Alex shows us,you be the judge. All that plus your phone calls and messages makes for a Domain that, in fact, is not celebrating Cinco de Mayo.

The Digital Domain Online Radio Show for April 28, 2023

A week ago, Bob attended the third game of the New York Islanders’ playoff series versus the Carolina Hurricanes. …And then he attended a terrible game, two days later. The juxtaposition is real, folks, and it’s on full display as this series brings out the disgust in everyone, but it brings out Nick’s absolute worst tendencies. IN the second hour, things got a little bit…strange. As is the theme in 2023, AI has entered our lives again, but now it’s people like Derek using it creatively, so a quite different voice has read a story about a 4-20 adventure, written by Chat GPT, called Harry Pothead. Give it a listen before you preemptively groan. Also, Derek’s own attempts at voice cloning are on full display, with results presented in Derek’s usual, sideways manner. Jayson, not to be left out, has made the National Library Services’ classic talking book instructions narrator utterly break by running him through Eleven Labs and feeding him garbage. Finally, we go back into our past and listen to some stuff that hasn’t been played in years. All that plus all the calls and messages, and there you have it.

The Digital Domain Online Radio Show for April 21, 2023

IT’s the day after an unexpectedly good 4-20. Why was it unexpectedly good? You’ll find out as you listen, including recordings from Bob and an Alex mashup that came out of Mariah’s 4-20 broadcast. However, Bob is anything but xen at the Islanders’ performance in the first two games of their playoff series against the Carolina Hurricanes…let him rant before the third game that night. Meanwhile, Bob was playing at the Homestead during the second, so you’ll find out exactly how that went for him. Jayson has some AI stuff, including many things with his own voice…Yeah, we might hurtle toward creepy, but you can be the judge of that. Also, what happens when Eleven Labs reads a transcript of…Parker Brothers Baseball? Someone got bored! Bob is one of the last people on HKC Radio to be introduced to the musical work of Colm McGuinness, but there’s one cover we play a bit of that the rest of the team had not yet heard…And it’s a station favorite song. All that plus the usual mix of phone calls and messages…Perhaps this show is best enjoyed high? Download so you can be the judge!

The Digital Domain Online Radio Show for April 14, 2023

What a week if you’re a sports fan or a lover of classic rock! On this very Long Island-centric show, Bob and Ray talk about their experience attending one of Bruce Springsteen’s first shows at the UBS Arena. You’ll hear Bob’s accounts of exactly how that day went down, and also hear a song, recorded from Bob’s seat, of a song that makes every Bruce fan salivate…unless you are New York’s own Ray B. And then, the UBS Arena got its first true taste of being a home, as the New York Islanders clinched their first trip to the Stanley Cup playoffs in building history. Nick, along with Bob, explained exactly why this is so important, from their hearts. But Long Island isn’t the center of the universe, as much as Bob might think it is, and we acknowledge that by playing other things, including an amusing AI rendition of the “Navy Seal Copypasta” as well as a somewhat disturbing mashup from Alex…What did he mash Melissa Bonny up with? Download and find out, as well as hearing everything else described above!

The Digital Domain online Radio Show for April 7, 2023

No description available.

The Digital Domain online Radio Show for March 31, 2023

No description available.

The Digital Domain online Radio Show for March 24, 2023

No description available.

The Digital Domain online Radio Show for March 10, 2023

No description available.

The Digital Domain online Radio Show for February 24, 2023

No description available.

The Digital Domain Online Radio Show for February 16, 2023

No description available.

The Digital Domain Online Radio Show for February 10, 2023

It’s a tail of the show Bob expected, juxtaposed with the show Bob got. Sport affects Nick’s and Bob’s daily lives…how much do you care about the Super Bowl? BO Horvat has come to Long Island, and Bob was at his first game as an Islander. It’s another standard sh…Oh wait. Bob got what might be one of the most amusing possible introductions to Eleven Labs, the service that helps create speech synthesizers out of simple recordings of the human voice. Nick, Ray, and the listeners surprised Bob by showing him his own deepfake, and in the tradition of deepfakes, it’s saying things Bob would never say in his life. However, Eleven Labs’ existence poses questions that need to be discussed from an ethical perspective, especially about consent and about making voices of people who can’t give consent. The hosts, particularly Nick, become unusually serious about this topic, especially as Nick explains his thought process for deepfaking Bob without his knowledge. There you have it, this episode in a nutshell…We’ll be talking about this one for years. Here’s your copy.

The Digital Domain Online Radio Show for February 3, 2023

Are dogs getting high in New York City? That’s an ear catching question for you and Bob has an answer for you in the process of doing this show. Was Bob a little bit too stoned for “Me, Myself, and Chip”? The audio tells the story. Nick’s odd mental methods of taste come into play, once again, as his anger at the Billboard top 100 songs of 2022 has exhibited itself…The metalhead meathead is spending time in the Barol this week. However, a mishap that needed an emergency fix, plus the discussion that happened before it, lead to one of the heaviest songs ever played on the Digital Domain, to levels Nick usually will not go on this show. Ray called, and the Islanders made a trade for Bo Horvat, which means there’s some actual sports discussion on the show this week. What is the one thing you just should not do when performing at an open jam? Bob’s got audio to demonstrate. All this plus phone calls, messages, and hockey audio…It’s a show that nearly didn’t happen for multiple reasons. Was it’s happening a good thing? You decide by listening to the archive.

The Digital Domain Online Radio Show for January 27, 2023

If last week was a very Bob-centric show from a content perspective, then this week began as the direct opposite. Nick received the Christmas gift that has become a part of modern HKC Radio community lore, the United Studio Technologies UT Twin87 studio microphone. While he can’t use it on air for physical reasons, he can, and will, use it for basically everything else, and he’s here to give you the unboxing audio and a short, albeit processed, demo. Jayson has more Chat GPT stories, but this time about the Digital Domain itself…How did the AI do at describing us? Bob “recaps” the evening Nick had at the Islander game last week. A returning listener, away for several years, comes back as though she never left, making several cuttingly hilarious remarks in the process. Cuttingly hilarious was the order of the day from many of the regular listeners, from Tammy to Damon to Ray, the latter two of whom had a long call full of barbs in all directions. Taking a little of “Sonic Onslaught” to the Domain, Delain has released a brand new song. It was unpopular on the Onslaught…how did it handle here? Plus, more AI production in all its disturbing grandeur. Phone calls, messages, you name it…Nick and Bob had no idea what this show would be, but it dramatically exceeded expectations.

The Digital Domain Online Radio Show for January 20, 2023

Welcome back! After a planned hiatus simply for rest, Nick and Bob are coming out of the shoot with energy. Is Bob warm? Is his oil burner actually working as intended? He’ll be happy to tell you…as well as how many workers it took to get things in that state. AN old friend calls to tell us something…let’s just say things might be a little noisier. You’ve heard of “Heavily Influenced with Brandon H,” right? Well, it’s “Under the Influenced” with Bob and Nancy for the first time. How silly does it get? Find out. A new Kamelot song is out. Here about HKC Radio’s plans to cover their new album “The Awakening’ as well as Bob’s reactions to the new song…And does it make a good goal song? Dovetailing off that, Ray accompanied Bob to an islander game versus the Capitals. Here Radio Ray in full effect as Bob’s not having it. Jayson’s back with another Chat GPT story based on an HKC Radio theme. Bob had a cookie during the show, did it contribute in any way to his reaction? Phone calls and messages from listeners round out a show that Nick will remember forever, as for the first time ever, the Thomas J. Sarnowski Memorial Studio worked exactly as Nick had pictured it when designing it, if not better. As a technologist, Nick is euphoric. As for two radio hosts wearing their entertainer hats, a great time was had as well. Download it!

The Digital Domain Online Radio Show for January 1, 2023

Happy New Year! And yes, nothing late about it, we can say it and mean it as this show fulfills a wish of Nick’s going back 14 years. It’s all possible thanks to the Thomas J. Sarnowski Memorial Studio which has thoroughly earned its keep in the last few weeks. As a result, we focused almost entirely on recapping our holiday breaks, especially Bob’s. Hear audio of exactly how Bob rang in his New Year, including his abortive attempt to listen to HKC Radio’s virtual New Year’s Eve party. Here reports from the party delivered textually for reasons that should be obvious. Hear Bob clap back at Chuck and everyone in the world who doubted his New York Giants, as they clinched a playoff spot hours before airtime. Who calls in for the first time in many years? What audio was played that made Nick use the phrase “All that for that”? A steady diet of phone calls and messages mark the episode’s progress…The Domain tried something new and succeeded at it. Download this archive, it’s the last one you’ll have for a few weeks. See you on January 20, provided nothing goes wrong.

The Digital Domain Year End Spectacular: December 23, 2022

With its traditional Steve Winwood beginning, this show is a year ender with a twist. Once again, it would not be possible without the Thomas J. Sarnowski Memorial Studio, but this time, Nick’s not alone in the Digital Domain Studios…Ray Bartolomeo is with him. As a result, the show had a first two hours more insane than usual. While there were no model trains, there were phone and Skype calls, including one where Ray takes Jayson down a road he normally never travels. This being Festivus, New York sports talkers have arrived at both studios, and they have a lot of complaints and grievances about New York Sports…and each other. Do Nick and Bob let them go, or are they tired of it early on. Alex presents a Christmas song parody as sung by the most realistic singing synthesizer voice that’s ever been heard on our show, which put a bow on an overarching theme for the year 2022. Speaking of the year 2022, the third hour of this show is very much a retrospective of the year, as experienced by those in the studios. Highlights include a highly personal disclosure of life experiences from Ray, generating much love in the process, and a return to form of the annual year-end montage, which tells the story of Nick and Bob in radio. The Digital Domain will return on January 1, then hiatus for a few weeks. Until then, that’s our show for 2022. Thank you for tuning in, and Merry Christmas.

The Digital Domain online Radio Show for December 16, 2022

Sinéad O'Connor opens the penultimate show of the year in the Digital Domain’s catalogue, as per tradition. This afternoon, a show that would not be possible can happen as a result of the Thomas J. Sarnowski Memorial studio, given the really bad weather that sometimes even effected the internet connections. Who showed up in a dream of Bob’s, unexpectedly? How many times has Bob hit himself in the nuts with electronic devices? Find out, including with audio and a Chat GPT story because why the hell not? Bob reacts to several tracks from the 2022 OSARA Christmas album on which several friends participated. Riikka has a story with a punchline that was very nearly hidden, related to a lot of what was discussed on the show this year. Nick has a review, for the first time on HKC Radio, from Chirosran22, otherwise known on the show as Thomas the Keyboard Guy. Enjoy the weaving of swear words! Phone calls, messages…It was a very listener driven, weird show. Download it!

The Digital Domain Online Radio Show for December 9, 2022

For the first time in ten years, there’s a new pre-show Christmas song. With the Domain for the first time in its history having access to five Fridays between Thanksgiving and Christmas, a new one has a chance to be played…And it may have stolen the show. It fostered some discussion of favorite Christmas songs and may have solidified some musical plans for later. You’ll find out. ChatGPT may have taken the world by storm and sent AI mainstream. Jayson, of course, is playing with it, and showed several stories that he had it write. Ray was supposed to be in studio, but he woke up with a fever and was not able to make it as a result, but you still here from him. Nick and Bob have many HKC Radio-related Christmas memories. They talk about them and play several clips from the past, focusing on things a lot of people may not know about. Has “Me, myself, and Chip” jumped the shark? Listen to those clips and see if it has. All that plus the usual listener interaction makes for a fun show with a real Christmas vibe. Download it!

The Digital Domain Online Radio Show for December 2, 2022

With Ray not around for Black Friday, he took this opportunity to call in and congratulate Jayson Smith on his Weakest Link win. Alex reveals the results of the pole he took on Twitter for which symphonic metal song he would cover with synthetic vocals. Nick and Bob talk a little about Mitch Miller and Spike Jones, subjects they’d covered years ago. All things being equal, the show was very conversational with listeners and quite relaxed. Download it!

The Digital Domain Online Black Friday Show for November 25, 2022

The Digital Domain joins the festivities, and they hit the ground talking…about Jayson Smith’s Weakest Link victory. This show was, interestingly, very heavy on sports talk as a result of two unrelated things that converged. Two days prior, Nick attended a New York Islanders versus Edmonton Oilers game that featured a history-making performance from Islander goalie Ilya Sorokin. …Bob gave Nick the tickets. Of course, Nick and Bob had to talk about it. However, this show was faced with one issue. With Nick working overtime with the team to make Black Friday happen, he ran out of energy to actually do a show. Enter Christmas songs, Bob, and the listeners on TeamTalk, which also evolved into Sports Talk given that several proms and school events our listeners attended were held in various famous sports venues. Even with the low energy Nick, this show is worth hearing. Download it!

The Digital Domain Online Radio Show for November 18, 2022

While this show was, ostensibly, the Bob Birthday show, it coincided with the draw of Weakest Link contestants. Mariah-Anne makes her appearance to do just that, generating so much excitement in the process. The show was stolen, however, by a maybe. Did Chris write a message on Bob’s behalf to Amy Lawrence? You’re going to have to download this archive to find out.

The Digital Domain Online Radio Show for November 11, 2022

The silliness and nostalgia are immediately on display, but not for positive reasons…With Nick’s Mom in the hospital, some really bittersweet memories line up as Nick does a show in these conditions for the first time since 2010. As a result, we attempt to keep the silly tempo up. How successful was that? It’ll be your job to determine that when you listen. Also from 2010, Nick and Bob did a rip-off show called Radio Failure. Is it cringe-worthy, or in “so bad it’s good” territory. Bob has too much (clapclap) time on his hands, and came up with a very silly rhyme stemming from the names of a broadcaster and a friend of Nick’s…but was it oddly feasible? Maybe. Ray and his girlfriend Elena have a rather lengthy call where they talk sports, the Homestead Restaurant, and other things…But no words can be used to escribe the call’s overall vibe, you have to hear it to believe it. WWE 2K22 includes several generic wrestlers with various names. Nick has found a list of them. Bob imagines exactly what characters these no-names might portray. All that plus the usual assortment of listener interaction…It was a necessary show at a really rough time.

The Digital Domain Online Radio Show for November 4, 2022

With “ghosts” wreaking havoc in the Thomas J. Sarnowski memorial Studio, there was a rocky start, but it got better as Nick and Bob settled in. Much discussion was had about music, between Bob’s conversation about Hip Hop sampling and an example of filking, courtesy of Alex showing a track from “Juice Box Heroes”. Did Amy Lawrence get any trick-or-treaters? We’re sure you really, really, really wanted to know. The top of the hour song is one where Bob was a studio musician, providing Hamond organ. We announce a contest that will happen on Black Friday and the sign-up process for same. All that plus a second hour heavy with calls…it’s another listener-driven show this week. Go download it!

The DigitalDomain Online Radio Show for October 28, 2022

This show was everything an episode of The Digital Domain is supposed to be. Tons of interaction (much of it making fun of the stuff being played), discussions on various subjects, and lots and lots of laughter. The first hour, after a flood of phone calls, was very Bob-centric. We dig into Bob’s stoned mind with what might be the quintessential episode of “Me, Myself, and Chip.” Look out for references to HKC Radio…and look out for the reactions to said references…Things got wild. Also, Bob’s impaired mind has a weird way of organizing the things he records. The silly man shows that to the listeners. The New York Islanders and New York Rangers played their only game of the 2022-23 season at UBS Arena the night before. Bob shows us the in-arena audio, wherein we get to watch him get into a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent. In the second hour, things got even more wide open. In a follow up to the running theme over this time period, Alex has programmed five synthetic singers covering one of nick’s favorite songs. Your milage may vary on this one, as did Nick’s, but he does have a lot positive to say about the new MacOS Ventura and a new feature targeted at those with vision impairments. We then circle back to sports, as a choice comment from a group of listeners had us diving down a rabbit hole of hockey announcers being very excitable. This description, however, doesn’t cover the vibe of the show and the sheer amount of laughter contained herein. For context, we teased stuff we didn’t get to, and yet we still went over time. More than anything, that speaks for itself…It’s the Digital Domain the way it’s meant to be. Download and enjoy!

The Digital Domain Online Radio Show for October 21, 2022

This show picked up where the last left off, almost literally. With the unexpected appearance of a listening Ray, the listeners find out exactly what happened at the Homestead last week, as well as the reaction. For a lengthy period, the Digital Domain also turned into “Real Sports Talk,” including several rants and discussions that would sometimes reach high levels about sportscasting, earcons, and sports analytics. This latest run of shows has been quite listener driven, which means that the fascination with singing speech synthesizers continues…This time, there is an entirely synthesized cover of Bohemian Rhapsody, which grabbed everyone a little unexpectedly. Also, Alex found the donor voice for a speech synthesizer designed to death grunt. WE, of course, compare both sources, which fostered a discussion of the merits of extreme metal as a music genre. But yet, even with those digressions, the overwhelming theme was the presence of artificially generated music, whether singing synthesizers, AI finishing songs, or making Freddie Mercury sing in Korean. The show might have been light on laugh out-loud comedy, but it was heavy on discussion and utter strangeness, to the point where the hosts, both sober, might recommend this show be listened to while high. Enjoy!

The Digital Domain Online Radio Show for October 14, 2022

Happy Birthday to our late friend, Rich Cavallaro. With that, of course, his brother from another mother, Ray, had to call in, setting up some of the off-air stuff that would happen between Bob and Ray, also related to Rich and music. That relationship even occurred unintentionally, as demonstrated by Jayson hanging around the shell of a brand new room and doing something a little weird in the process, which served as an effective Rich tribute. Music would be a show theme, as well as geekery, all rolled into one as we get further freaked out by singing speech synthesizers that sound entirely too real. But this is the Digital Domain, which means that juxtaposition is an artform…so let’s have Alex’s attempt to autotune a Kitty Wells song! Jayson Smith, with help, made DECtalk death grunt, which lead to further talk of the DECtalk revival currently in progress. There’s much talk also about the history of speech synthesis technology, very dear to the largely blind listener base that listened to this show and many of our others. However, the jargon does not get out of hand, so anyone can download this show, listen, and learn something. How useful that something is, however, is an open question that only you can decide. Enjoy!

The Digital Domain Online Radio Show for October 7, 2022

It’s comedy with a side of Baseball! In one of Major League Baseball’s better ideas, the first day of the playoffs started on Friday at 12 Noon, and Nick and Bob are broadcasting right in the middle of it, so expect score updates. Picking up from where the anniversary celebrations left off, you hear the insanity that occurred at Changing Times as the dinner happened, including comments from Ray. Off a chance comment from Nick, the Falling In Reverse controversy is discussed…What is it, and what are the prevailing thoughts about it? Alex auto-tuned a song from the late Loretta Lynn, as well as gave the show a new synthetic vocal cover. As creepy as those always are, it did foster some very positive conversation about DECtalk’s revival. Yes, some dedicated programmers, with the help of some old source code, are lovingly restoring the DECtalk speech engine for more modern uses. Nick, Alex, and Jayson have a conversation about it. Phone calls, messages…It might be truncated, but it was fun. Download it!

The Digital Domain Celebrates its 20th Anniversary: September 30, 2022

We made it! On September 28, 2002, Nick and Bob did the first radio show ever promoted under the Digital Domain name, the first show on what would become the original HKC Radio. 20 years and numerous life changes later, we’re still together, doing the thing we love. In the first half of the show, we talk about exactly what it means to us to be doing what we’re doing, including several powerful statements of love from Nick and Bob to stalwart listeners. Nick publicly discloses the mental breakdown that nearly caused him to give it all up just before we reached 20, triggering one of the only times that Contemporary Christian Music has ever been heard on the show. Retrospective themes continue as the night gets later, but the stupidity also ramps up as New York’s own Ray B enters the studio…But who else shows up as a surprise for Nick? Find out. Where was Bob when Aaron Judge made Baseball history, clubbing his American League record 61st homer? You’ll find out…because he’s got audio, and it’s awkward. Alex sends us some audio that truly tests the NSFW label applied to this show, probably more so than has ever been tested before. Yes, you read that right, Alex did that. There was a party on the Fire Island ferry, as Bob’s trip home from a gig put him in contact with a group of drunken revelers coming out of a wedding…and their Bluetooth speaker. He had to endure it, so must you. We once again play a charming clip of our dearly departed friend Rich Cavallaro, one of the last recordings ever made before his death. Plenty of calls and messages from many different people triggered plenty of banter, discussion, emotion, and celebration. Finally, Mariam Mohsen presents a piece of music, a cover, whose recording was inspired by the emotions that she feels when she listens to this show. The piece of music, and her incredibly eloquent description of it and its motivations, served as the show stealer, according to both Nick and Bob afterward. It was 4 hours of amazing, inspiring radio, a mutual love letter from broadcaster and listener alike. We thank you for tuning in.

The Digital Domain Online Radio Show for September 23, 2022

This show’s comedy is brought to you by Jayson Smith’s adventures with AI Storyteller by Blastbay Studios, an Alexa skill that can generate original stories based on your instructions. Jayson created five such stories, which Nick and Bob dissect. Come for all the occurrences of circular logic…stay for an incredibly disturbing final story. We also discuss the finalized plans for the 20th anniversary show, what you pay for from an expensive steakhouse, and Bob gets introduced to Cledus T. Judd. Download this insanity!

The Digital Domain Online Radio Show for September 16, 2022

This show is, in many ways, what the Digital Domain is supposed to be. With Bob Sarnowski not happy with the lack of ideas for the 20th anniversary show, Derek provides some perspective, including a clip from someone who is far too fixated by the permission to wear a hat. From there, the entire show became a Redneck themed romp, so much so that you might have thought it was planned. Said romp was highlighted by one of Jayson’s disturbing classic country submissions, featuring a song by Kitty Wells & Roy Acuff. It’s not the only song that makes us combust…But you’ll have to listen to hear that one. In addition to that, we revisit and dissect a related bit from our past. We also look back on Nick’s radio career highlight as we do some positive preparation for celebrating 20 years. All of this on a return to radio form and an impressive example of what the show can do at its best. Download it!

The Digital Domain Online Radio Showlet for September 9, 2022

This show is the Bob and listeners show, owing to Nick being in no mental shape to do anything other than board-op. It’s posted here because there were several segments that did do their bit to be important in continuity terms, including Mr. Macfisto’s call from England shortly after the Queen’s death, Ray having several conversations with Bob, and several calls from Jimmy Tucci of Sonic Onslaught fame. In fact, Tucci was so displeased by something that he decided to act. How? Find out!

The Digital Domain Online Radio Show for September 2, 2022

The Digital Domain is usually disturbing, but in the bawdy way. This time, the subject matter on display is disturbing in a more visceral way if you happen to be a music fan…Alex shows us singing speech synthesizers that are incredibly accurate representations of humans, enough to give us pause and thoroughly scare us. That engenders a discussion of autotune, live performances that aren’t really live singing, and the ethics of same. …But this being the Domain, a surprise shows up to make everyone laugh just as it was needed. We hear an amusing clip of an obnoxious DJ before a Duran Duran concert. Bob attempts to give testimony about one of his friend’s cookies…Yes, we’re talking edibles. Of course, latency is the result…Nick’s got commentary. Bob happened to be recording as, unsuspectingly, one of the worst standup comics you’ll ever hear takes the stage. Who gave Bob $20? Bob tells that story. Jayson Smith thoroughly disturbs us with a Kitty Wells song, and we talk about our upcoming 20th anniversary. This show was quite a lot of fun to do and to listen to. Enjoy the archive!

The Digital Domain online Radio Show for August 19, 2022

In a way, this show picked up some of the last one’s themes, but the mashup was differently sourced. This time, Derek showed off a completed mashup called “Part Time Eater” that was made on HKC Radio’s airwaves…But not to be missed is Bob’s reaction when he figures out exactly what Derek was mashing up and how it relates to his own musical life. The existence of that mashup set the tone for the entire show, as we spoke almost entirely about music. Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler’s attempts at Bro Country got an airing in front of HKC Radio’s resident Aerosmith superfan (Bob). His opinion was going to go one of two ways…What did he think of it? Bob debates with Nick and the listeners about the importance – and offensive nature - of a certain Dave Matthews Band lyrical oddity. Did everyone agree with him or was he out-numbered? Alex brings us a Dose of Buckley about songs that go Diamond…We enjoy his sarcasm. We also talk about the new Delain vocalist Diana Leah, playing a Within Temptation cover in which she sounds remarkably similar to their vocalist, Sharon den Adel. Non-musical subjects? They’re mainly limited to Jayson Smith getting an odd signal when calling into our show and some small bits of conversation with the listeners. Yes, this was a very cerebral show, unexpectedly so. Download it!

The Digital Domain online Radio Show for August 12, 2022

It’s Bob’s first actual show from the Thomas J. Sarnowski memorial Studio. As we begin our future, ideas from our past return in the form of yet another mashup from Alex. What did he combine with a Within Temptation song from 2011? Download to find out. Plus, you won’t believe how long it took him to do the technical aspects of this mashup…your hosts were certainly floored. Jayson Smith has smashed a jug of frozen milk. Does it have a payoff? Listen and find out. Bob’s Olympus met a bunch of drunken yahoos at one of his gigs. What exactly did these ossified idiots do to the recorder and what is its condition afterward? Bob tells you all about it. Riikka received her Match Game prize! Join her as she unboxes her brand-new Zoom H1N live on air. Rukus presents “Real Eddie Kingston”. What’s that? All that plus your phone calls, messages, and a rant about the Yankees from Bob. Download the Digital Domain’s return to form!

The Digital Domain is not a Radio Show today. August 1, 2022

On a random Monday night in the middle of summer, Nick and Bob do something a year in the making, which secures a near-term future for the Digital Domain Online Radio show. They inaugurate the Thomas J. Sarnowski Memorial Studio, the space from which Bob will now be able to broadcast when he can’t be in the Digital Domain Studios in person. This puts to an end the era of the “remote show”, the show type so obvious in its execution it required a different name. What did we talk about? Our show. We also used this opportunity to bring Bob in from the cold, as a lot has changed since the last time he was on HKC Radio airwaves. It was a night of hope and love, so while it really “wasn’t “a radio show”, as Bob liked to say, it was experimental, historical…and successful. Download it!

The Digital Domain Online Radio Show for May 13, 2022

Bob and Wendy most definitely say “HIGH!” The capital letters really illustrate the silliness in print, as they change the venue in an effort to turn off their brains, with hilarious results. They even attempted to leave a voicemail for Nick as a result of his odd technical problems…but transcription was turned on and did its best to capture Bob’s stoned ramblings. There’s a fair bit of sports talk, owing to some Islanders related news that broke this week. We also attempt to cheer up a listener with Islander clips…Did it work? Find out. Alex has created three new productions, each one of which is focused on an HKC Radio personality. Nick’s system gave him incorrect information as he attempted to take a phone call…hilarity ensued. Derek has produced the most accurate Digital Domain promo in our arsenal. How’d Bob react? We play a classic prank call that ties into the rest of the show. Phone calls, messages…It’s been a long time with a lot happening in the interim. Nevertheless, download a show that was very well received.

The Digital Domain online Radio Show for March 4, 2022

Pete’s Famous Cheese Steaks. What exactly defines “famous”? Bob and Nick certainly enjoyed them before the show, but Famous? Yeah…We don’t know. Alex is obsessed with 2011 episodes of the Digital Domain, culminating in a brand-new mashup, and it’s one that only he’d ever attempt given the obscurity of some of the musical material. What’s its connection to Nick, beyond clips used? Find out. Nick’s been getting some really odd calls on Sonic Onslaught. Bob’s a bit flabbergasted and wants to share it with all of you. Bob and Wendy say “High” and decide to mess with Alexa in the process. Grace called for the first time in a while…and she had a really screwed up dream involving a mock wedding to be conducted on the show. How far gone is her mind? Find out. Phone calls, messages, auto-tuned country, voices that shouldn’t be auto-tuned but are…It’s a show conducted under interesting circumstances, as Nick’s life takes a turn. Give it a download!

The Digital Domain Online Radio Show for February 18, 2022

If you could relive any contiguous five minutes from your life, over and over, ad infinitum, what five minutes would they be? Nick asks this question on the show, and the answers are interesting. We hear some very creepy auto-tuned Country Music from Derek, which made Bob completely lose his mind. Bob has more stoned audio with recurring partner in crime Wendy, in which many random questions are asked and answered. And yes…Wendy beatboxes. Nick was knocked over with a feather. And Burrrr, Bob? Find out. The new UBS Arena, home of the New York Islanders, is one of the most acoustically advanced venues ever built. We play clips proving this and discuss it. Phone calls, text messages, and randomness…It’s a nice distraction on a Winter evening. Enjoy!

The Digital Domain Online Radio Show for February 11, 2022

It’s a late start, but the Domain’s 2022 begins exactly how 2021 ended, with Bob and Ray in the studio for a rollicking, interactive piece of insanity. As is typical for a Ray appearance, the topics go anywhere and everywhere, sideways and upside down…Hell, in true Barstool Sports fashion, they even began talking about the attractiveness of local and national women sports reporters, leading to comment from a very unexpected source. The same person managed to, for the first time, take a run at denting Ray’s on-air ego. How’d that work? Find out, but blink and you might miss it. We play audio that Bob recorded over the holidays, from his traditional ringing in of the new year at the homestead, to time spent with previous in-studio guest Wendy. Is Bob obsessed with something, or is Wendy just stirring the pot? Finally, this archive contains audio from the show that did not air, owing to an issue Nick had with his brand-new network switch. What happened, how did they find out that it happened, and what went on as Nick quickly dove under the table? All of this, and more, if you download this archive. It was worth the wait!

The Digital Domain Ends its broadcast Year: December 17, 2021

It may not be quite the lengthy extravaganza one usually expects from these shows, but this show is of its time. Ray, a very big part of the Digital Domain show, was the third mic in studio, and this show had the same attitude as a result. While no gifts were exchanged, the other traditions abound, including the annual year-end montage, in a form fitting the year we had. We wish all of you a merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and better broadcasting days to come in 2022.

The Digital domain Online WTF for December 3, 2021

Margaret, for the first time since 2015, is third mic in studio this week…And Bob’s a little bit drunk. The result is a rambunctious show. The main highlights…well, Bob got injured and happened to be recording as he was injured. How’d that go over? Plus, Margaret and Ray had a back-and-forth for the ages, shocking everyone who was there. What was that like? Download and find out!

The Digital Domain Online Radio Show for November 12, 2021

Two Domains in a row…Yes, it’s a rarity in 2021. Bob Sarnowski is back in the studio, but his attempts to get home while spending as little as possible had him taking a phone call just as the show started, just as Nick made an unforced error. Nick wasn’t alone for the first few minutes of the show…Who joined him? We hear again from Damon, whom we haven’t heard on this show since April. What’s he been up to? What’s changed in his life? We find out. There’s renewed interest in Mastodon, the Twitter-like open-source social network, whose tweets are called “toots.’ What if there was a Mastodon client called Poot-Ta-Toot, the pharaoh from Inspector Gadget season 1, episode nineteen, "The Curse of the Pharaoh." That dovetails nicely into playing a clip of a Poot-Ta-Toot noise that scared Jayson Smith as a child, comparing it to Jayson’s impression of the same noise from last week. Also following up from last week…The Astroworld tragedy. We talked about general admission, standing room only shows…We understand them les than we did before, which is saying something. Chris Schulte is back to talk sports with us, but of course it’s a bit sideways given the nature of this show. It’s been 10 years since November 11, 2011, when Hope Povenmire made her first and, to date, only in-studio appearance as a surprise for Nick. We reminisce on that, playing the clip where Nick was actually surprised. There are more phone calls, more messages…and the show ends as it starts, with an unforced error from Nick. Enjoy!

The Digital Domain Online Remote Show for November 5, 2021

This show was a remote show Bob did during the side effect period of Bob’s covid vaccination. How did it affect him? After attending a general admission concert with his friend Gina, Bob is thinking about things he just doesn’t get. General admission concerts are one of them. However, he asks the listeners about the things they simply don’t understand, receiving varied responses. Nick acquired a Warm Audio WA-87 R2 microphone. He tells you why he likes it so much, as well as the heartwarming story behind its acquisition…as well as the day one tribulations of owning such a heavy microphone. Other than that, we had your phone calls and messages.

The Digital Domain Online Radio Show for October 8, 2021

This episode is brought to you by a highly eager Bob Sarnowski. With this being the first show in a long time and the beginning of our sporadic broadcasting, Bob’s eagerness had a completely unprepared Nick streaming the promotional Clubhouse Pregame, without using ClubDeck. The result? Nick’s holding his phone up to the microphone and making everything sound really silly. Nick was on a boat for the first time in 22 years…And heard a song that would become an HKC Radio favorite that made Bob howl in the process. With hockey season upcoming and playoff Baseball in full swing, Nick, Bob, and Ray talk some sports. yes, Bob has a Yankees rant. We have audio of Bob and Robyn getting caught in one of Long Island’s crazier storms in memory, juxtaposed with audio of Bob stoned with a case of the munchies. We also have your phone calls and messages, including a call to an Australian who’s been talked about on this show but who’s voice has never been heard until now. Enjoy!

The Digital Domain Online Radio Show For August 27, 2021

He’s called into our show plenty of times, but our friend Ray Bartolomeo decided to join us. Bob also ate a loaded Brownie from his friend Big Al timed specifically to take effect during the show. The result was ridiculously silly. The marquis feature of the show, before we did it anyway, was the announcement of the Match Game selections. While that was important and long awaited, the show was stolen by the general interplay between the three in studio and the listeners. Highlights included the gang making fun of a Lou Monte song, Wendy’s fascination with a misshapen pickle, and the beginning of a dose of Buckley video making fun of TikTok. Listen to the end as Ray does something that broke both Bob and Nick equally hard…and remember, Nick is in no way medicated. There’s no other way to describe this show except utterly silly…Go download it!

The Digital Domain online Remote Show for August 20, 2021

Due to this show airing at 5 PM EDT and the hosts not knowing that until morning of, this show was very interaction light and slow paced. Consequently, there were a lot of thoughts from Nick and Bob, most notably on the moments in the entertainment world when hell froze over and things you thought you’d never see happened. The catalyst was the return that night of CM Punk to the Pro Wrestling business. Nick’s Sonic Onslaught Cohost, Christel, introduced him to an old meme that he inflicted on the rest of the world…but don’t miss the story of when Nick accidentally flirted with Christel in the process. It was an hour and a half of relaxed chit chat. Download!

The Digital Domain Online Radio Show plus a tribute to Venison88: July 30, 2021

The first hour of this one was a somber reflection on the one year since the death of Clark Walter Smith, otherwise known as Venison88. We spoke about him and played some clips that were representative of his life in radio as we knew it. However, once the show itself started, we went from the past to the present, with the help of our special guest, Bob’s friend Wendy. Wendy herself featured on an episode of “Bob Says High”, this time involving an attempt to eat Taco Bell. The same clips lead to a lot of talk about modern speech patterns, accents, and abbreviations. We also bust a gut at some of the stuff Alex did, including his messing with an episode of “Me, Myself, and Chip”. Calls, messages, and the general interaction between the three in the studio lead to some awesome radio, including an absolutely mic drop moment to close the show from Wendy. What was that? Download and find out!

The Digital Domain launches HKC Radio anew: July 23, 2021

Welcome back, HKC Radio! This is more than a Digital Domain Online Radio Show, this is an event. Given how sporadic radio has been for him over the past three months, Nick was a little bit rusty. The rust dropped off, though, about a half hour into the show, as listeners, new and old, began bringing the funny. We introduce you to our thoughts on the kickass creatives, the core group who make up HKC Radio’s broadcast team. “Bob says High!” Yes, Bob’s a stoner and he shows it off quite a lot with clips of him high as a kite, including with a woman Nick and Bob haven’t seen in years. WE announced Match Game 2021, and one listener signed up who was eligible to play for the first time. We also did two interviews with, oddly enough, Canadian vocalists. In a nod to history, we had an incredibly personal conversation with Heather Hutchison, singer turned author during the pandemic. Don’t miss the incredible story of how she felt the need to write her book “Holding On by Letting Go”. We also talk to Sabrina Fallah about going from social anxiety to a recording and performing musician. With the 4-hour length and the standard baring circumstances, this show was a little more than a comedy show…But it was exactly what it needed to be. Download a piece of history!





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